Ivan Kovalov
Based in Kyiv, Ukraine

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May 17, 2018

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G30 – A Memory Maze is a unique and minimalistic take on the puzzle genre, where each level is hand-crafted and meaningful. It’s a story of a person with a cognitive disorder, who is trying to recollect the elusive past – before the disease takes over and everything will fade away. Each level sparks a little memory of the person’s life. It’s a two-part puzzle: a visual image of the memory and a telescopic text, that reveals itself with every step. You start with fragmented pieces of the picture and have to move them to restore the original image. In turn, telescopic text reacts to your every step – the closer you are to the solution, the more text unfolds. You are indeed remembering – adding details to the memory and forming a clear picture. G30 is about memory and consciousness – and what they mean for a human being. There are people around who are losing their ability to remember – some kinds of mental diseases do that to a person. G30 shows how they see the world, how they feel about the past they can’t remember and the reality they can’t recognize.


It's a long story...


  • Each puzzle is a story. Solve the memories mystery hidden in 7 main chapters of unique and individually designed puzzles.
  • Experience a touching narrative. Live the life of a person whose memories have faded.
  • Feel the game. Atmospheric music and haptic feedback will dive you into the breathtaking story.
  • Relax and play. No scores, no timers, no “game over”.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "GTP Indie Cup 2017" Best Mobile Game
  • "GTP Indie Cup 2017" Critics' Choice
  • "GetIT Awards 2017" GDC Special Award
  • "Casual Connect Seattle 2017" Indie Prize - Most Innovative Game
  • "Casual Connect Kyiv 2017" Indie Prize - Most Innovative Game
  • "GevGAMM 2018 Awards" Excellence In Game Design
  • "CEEGA Awards 2018" Best Mobile Game
  • "Google Indie Games Festival 2019" Winner

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About Ivan Kovalov

Ukrainian solo indie game developer, designer and musician. The author of the critically acclaimed, multi award-winning indie game “G30” which has been featured many times by Apple and Google. The author of the “quadline” - new ultra minimalistic symmetrical puzzle game without any text or numbers. Keeps looking for the new forms of gameplay and player experience in game design experiments. His aim is to prove with his projects that with the right attitude and passion to game development, a person can create quality and successful games on his own.

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G30 Credits

Ivan Kovalov
Design and Development

Olga Khomenko
Narative editor, Business development

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