Ivan Kovalov
Based in Kyiv, Ukraine

Release date:
November 10, 2021 / June 22, 2022

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Quadline is an abstract puzzle game with minimalistic design to give the player an immersive experience from the calm gameplay and focus on solving unique puzzles. Move lines through the cells to put them in specific slots. Rotate, move, push or teleport them and use other game tools to solve fun puzzles


I’ve always dreamed of making an ultra minimalistic and abstract puzzle game that focuses mainly on puzzle mechanics rather than story. Also I wanted to implement a self-explanatory flow with clear and simple forms and design that doesn't need any interruptive tutorials or explanations. Games by Maciej Targoni inspire me a lot. Also there was an idea to make a game that could be playable on various devices like smart TV or even smart watch. So I have set my own strict rules for that project: The gameplay should be inside a square area with a minimum of UI elements, not a single line of text or even numbers. There should be a map that allows players to skip some levels and sometimes choose the direction of play. And finally the game should be designed in a symmetrical gameplay form: the game mechanics are functional in any device orientation and from any angle of view so there is no need to rotate the device (the UI icons are also symmetrical). All of those rules and limitations gave rise to interesting design ideas and made the quadline what it is today.


  • New unique puzzle mechanics with high variety and complexity
  • 175+ individually designed levels based on 10 core mechanics and their combinations
  • No timers or pressure: just you and puzzles
  • Self-explanatory flow that doesn’t need any interruptive tutorials
  • Minimalistic, clean and simple design
  • Symmetrical gameplay experience
  • Light and Dark mode
  • Colorblind-friendly
  • One-tap controls
  • Built-in solutions
  • Not a single text line


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Google Indie Games Festival 2022" Winner

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About Ivan Kovalov

Ukrainian solo indie game developer, designer and musician. The author of the critically acclaimed, multi award-winning indie game “G30” which has been featured many times by Apple and Google. The author of the “quadline” - new ultra minimalistic symmetrical puzzle game without any text or numbers. Keeps looking for the new forms of gameplay and player experience in game design experiments. His aim is to prove with his projects that with the right attitude and passion to game development, a person can create quality and successful games on his own.

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Ivan Kovalov
Design and Development

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